The Darkest Nightmare


Her Darkest Nightmare is the latest novel by Brenda Novak, and the first in a new series. Like all her other books, this one has enough suspense to make me want to get my hands on her next book, coming out later this year.

From the Prologue to each of the 32 Chapters and the Epilogue, each begins with a quote from a character from a previous book that ties in with the plot at hand. This is clever.

The protagonist is Evelyn Talbot, now the principal psychiatrist with a focus on research and treatment at Hanover House, a maximum-security prison for psychopaths and those with a criminal mind. She had been imprisoned and tortured by her first boyfriend 16 years earlier, but escaped; and the boyfriend is on the loose and may take revenge…

Evelyn leaves no stones unturned, but psychopaths don’t fear punishment; they have no physiological reaction. That’s the reason they’re so likely to re-offend. They don’t learn from their actions – unless it’s to figure out better ways of avoiding detention. They want what they want, regardless, and their lives are all about it.

A serial killer is lurking somewhere. Who is it? Escape from the jailhouse is impossible, so could it be a fellow-pyschiatrist, or the person who installed the security devices, or someone else in this remote Alaskan town? Is the programme at Hanover House headed for a scrap heap after the gruesome murders? Corruption can happen anywhere, even in a prison.

The next installment is eagerly awaited.


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