I used to wonder:

would a mother

be able to see a shift

when her child becomes an adult?

I used to wonder:

would it be clinical

like the onset of puberty

or a mass of life experiences?

I used to wonder:

would I notice it

immediately or would it

creep up slowly, like age?

I no longer wonder:

adulthood is a line

drawn in the sand;

at some point,

my child will be standing

on the other side. *

*Inspired by Jodi Picoult’s Small Great Things.


3 thoughts on “Adulthood

  1. Dear Florence, your poem resonates with me. i like the thoughts in the poem. Now my son has a family of his own, my response to your poem.

    I Had Wondered

    I had wondered,

    Would my child

    see me with different eyes

    when he believed

    he was no longer a child

    but an adult.

    He did

    With critical eyes –

    My hair to be done differently

    Why that tone of voice

    Respect his wishes

    he knew what he was doing.

    I had wondered,

    Had he grown into this mould

    when I believed he was

    still ‘here’, not ‘there’ yet,

    a child-man.

    I need not have wondered,

    A man he had gown into,

    he put away the child-man.

    He had his line

    I had mine,

    only one footstep

    to cross over,

    to embrace each other.

    ********************************** Jesus loves us all Mary




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