This latest novel by Karen Robards is another atmospheric, tightly wound thriller that kept me spellbound until the final page.

Dr Gina Sullivan is a renowned ornithologist (a scientist studying and looking at birds) is on a group research trip on the remote island of Attu, Alaska. On one ‘routine’ outing, Gina sees a small jet plane that drops out of the sky (during one of Attu’s infamous storms) and into the water a few feet from her boat.

The lone survivor, James ‘Cal’ Callahan has made a career of trading on government secrets and knows that the plane crash was no accident. Gina pulls him up but he throws away her radio into the water. Gina is left with no radio and no light and wonders who he is, and what on earth she has gotten herself into. She is trapped.

When they make it safely back to base camp, Gina finds all her colleagues murdered. As darkness envelops the island and she is trapped in a tent in a blizzard with a complete stranger, is she at risk of being killed, or can she trust Cal?

They are caught in a deadly situation when a group of about twenty armed men, led by a pair of natives with their tracking dogs, approach them…


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