Secret Sisters

After reading The Shadow of Death (reviewed here on 28 Mar) in miniscule print and a few in ‘normal’ font (Plunge reviewed on 30 Mar, 5 Amazing Benefits of Being  Kind on 1 Apr, Flawed on 2 Apr, When The Wind Blows on 4 Apr, Freedom: My Book of Firsts on 6 Apr, Darkness on 8 Apr & China Dolls on 10 Apr), I decided to borrow this recent book by Jayne Ann Krentz as it is one of the few large print books I could find.

Madeline’s parents died in a car accident when she was 5 years old, and went to live with her grandmother Edith at Amorn Point Hotel (which Edith owned) on Cooper Island. When Madeline was 12, something happened one night and they left the island.

Edith built a boutique hotel chain called the Sanctuary Creek Inns which was started as a B & B to make ends meet. It was a vacation retreat for tourists, wealthy retirees and those seeking a picturesque destination. Madeline helped manage it when Edith passed away.

They had left Cooper Island 18 years ago but Edith never sold the property (Amorn Point Hotel) there. Why had Edith hung on to an old property that was left vacant, run down and falling apart? What terrible events took place 18 years ago? Why was Madeline separated from her secret sister, Daphne? They had sworn an oath never to lie to each other. Why did Madeline dump her almost-fiance, Dr William Fleming? What part does Tom Lomaz, caretaker of the hotel, play? What secret has he been keeping for Edith? What connection does John Santiago Rayner, owner of Rayner Risk Management, have with both Edith and Madeline? How will the relationship play out?

This book is one engrossing read!

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