Stars In The Sky

Time can never catch up

with the wind, rain and flowers;

Your days of youth are gone

and where have all the time gone?

Two decades is too long

to waste on a heartless man;

Many tears have fallen,

Countless as the stars above.

You should still be laughing

and having fun in the sun.

The ticking will not stop

even if you stay the same.

Is it just make-believe?

With no force and no pretence

You’ll emerge happier –

time is on your side again.

Nobody else should decide

what happens within you;

Your whole experience of life

is determined by you.


3 thoughts on “Stars In The Sky

  1. Tried to respond to your poem but failed. Here it is:

    Stay positive, No more tears Indeed two decades are just far too long To waste on a heartless man

    The dark night is over Go forward to receive the warm sunlight! And the hope and inspiration it brings.

    Looking forward to your brighter poems

    Thank you Grace

    Sent from my iPad


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