Timeless Love

I only borrowed this 2012 DVD out of curiosity: I wanted to know what ex-DJ & Mediacorp artist Dasmond Koh achieved with his company called Noon Talk Media and his slew of young actors like Joshua Ang, Aloysius Pang, Kimberly Chia and Xu Bin.

The result with Koh as the co- writer, producer and director, is disappointing.

Morgan (Pang) is devastated when his grandmother passes away. Amongst her belongings, Morgan finds an island’s lease and an old photograph. He goes to the island with his buddy Sky (Xu) where they meet Eden (Ang) and his sister Xiao Wei (Chia) who run the resort. Along the way, they discover a secret between Morgan’s grandmother and Eden’s grandfather.

One redeeming feature is the Bintang Agro Beach Resort, which is shown to be a good place for some R & R. The two original songs are pleasant too, though not memorable.


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