The Missing Wife

This is the latest novel by Sheila O’Flanagan which is as charming as all her other works. As soon as I finished reading it, I wish there’s another new one by the same author.

The missing wife is Imogen Weir, who seems to have a perfect marriage as her husband Vince Naughten treats her like a princess and she’s always saying how lucky she is. So everyone, including her best friend, is taken by surprise when she suddendly goes missing. Nobody would have expected Imogen to take a bus to a destination unknown.

Why has Imogen decided to leave Vince? How would she survive, since Vince thinks she is thoughtless, inconsiderate, hopeless and no matter how hard he’s tried to turn her into a little more sensible by introducing some rules and routines into their lives, she would always mess it up sooner or later? There is no way she would be able to cope without him to plan and control what she did.

On the other hand, Imogen is feeling exhilarated at having left home, travelling through France on her own, finding places to stay and work. She isn’t useless; she isn’t hopeless; she is perfectly capable of living her life on her own, without rules or routines or Vince.

Vince wants to know the reasons his wife ran away, because in his view, he can’t see any. He is a perfect husband – he is good to his wife, he’s been unwaveringly faithful, he isn’t a violent man, he’s never lifted a finger on Imogen even when she was most annoying. He has no idea why she would not come home.

It is a very engrossing read, especially when the past catches up…


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