Broken City

I was attracted to this 2012 movie because of Russell Crowe; it’s been a while since I saw him in a movie, which I’ve always enjoyed.

Russell Crowe is Mayor Nicholas Hostetler, married to Cathleen (Catherine Zeta-Jones), running a campaign against councilman Jack Valliant (Barry Pepper) to keep his seat. He engages private eye Billy Taggart (Mark Wahlberg) to find out whether his wife is having an affair because he’s afraid Valliant may use this scandal against him.

Taggart was a NYPD policeman who was acquitted of murdering a civilian but he wants to seek justice and revenge for the brutal rape and innocent death of a 16-year-old girl whose older sister is his actress girlfriend because he  became close with the family while helping them.

Seven years later, Taggart is facing bankruptcy at his own investigation firm. This is when he accepts the assignment from Hostetler because he would be paid $25,ooo up front, with another $25,000 when the job is completed.

Taggart trails Cathleen and photographs her and Valliant’s campaign manager Paul Andrews (Kyle Chandler) at various meetings. Actually, what seems to be adultery is not what it seems. When Andrews is shot dead in front of his apartment, Taggart realises Hotetler has double crossed him. This is when he recalls that Cathleen has warned him that her husband is a dangerous man.

To no one’s surprise – but Hotetler himself – the mayor is arrested at a publi event. Taggart has broken up with his girlfriend because he has been betrayed by her lies, and decides to leave the city for a while…

The pace of the movie would have been more exciting (with the special and visual effects and many stunts eg car chases) if watched at the theatre, I suppose. Watching from a small screen at home, even the music did not make much  impact depite the fact that I recognised the beautiful At Last (by harry Warren & Mack Gordon) and Requiem in D minor K626 by W A Mozart.


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