The Perfume Collector

This is the first time I’m reading a Kathleen Tessaro novel. Right from the first sentence, I thought this could be turned into a script for a movie.

In the Prologue, Eva d’Orsey sits at the kitchen table, listening to the ticking clock, with a copy of Le Figaro in front of her. It is Paris, Winter 1954.

In the first chapter, the reader is brought to London, Spring 1955.  Grace Monroe wakes up with a start, gasping for breath…

In New York City in 1927, Eva is 14 years old and working as a chambermaid. She is short, dark and foreign-looking and wants more out of life.

Back to Paris in Spring 1955, Grace wonders what she would do with all the money. Live. She would like to live in great comfort and peace, with no one to tell her what to do or how to do it.

The novel flits from Paris to New York, and also to Monte Carlo (in 1932), London (in 1928), Oxfordshire (in 1935) and Paris (in Sep 1942, during the Nazi Occupation). It is very well-crafted and I enjoyed it tremendously.

I would be on the look out for another of Katheleen Tessaro’s novel.


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