In The Land Of Women

With a cast including Meg Ryan, Adam Brody, Kristen Stewart and Olympia Dukakis, I anticipated a good movie (2006). Was I disappointed!

The story is simple: Carter Webb (Adan Brody) is a 26-year-old who is heartbroken over a model-girlfriend Sofia Bunuel (Elena Anaya) and tired of his job as a soft-porn scriptwriter. He gets the chance to escape Los Angeles to go to Michigan to look after his frail grandmother Phyllis (Olympia Dukakis) because his mum Agnes (JoBeth Williams) is upset and unable to.

The members of the family living next door to Phyllis, the Hardwicks, are going through different crises – The mother (Meg Ryan) is heartbroken that her husband is having an affair and she has breast cancer, her daughters Lucy (Kristen Stewart) and Paige (Makenzie Vega) have their own problems on top of what their parents are facing.

I think this movie says something about holding on and letting go, about love and confidence but I’m not impressed at the way it comes across. Even the music – more than 20 songs, none of which I’m familiar with (though I noted the credit for one Bruce Springteen song) – did not do much to evoke the mood or atmosphere.


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