You, Me and Dupree

This 2006 movie is the second one I watched today, and I found it more interesting, probably because I’d not watched it before, though I’ve never really liked Owen Wilson.

Owen Wilson is a co-producer of this movie, so I’m not surprised he gets more screen time than Kate Hudson or Matt Dillon. The actor I think did the best job here is Michael Douglas who didn’t have many scenes. The number of times Seth Logan appeared onscreen could be counted on the fingers of one hand, though I felt his role could have a meatier part since he (as Neil) is best friends with Wilson’s and Dillon’s characters.

Carl Peterson (Dillon) and Molly Thompson (Hudson) get married on a lovely beach in Hawaii and their best man is Randolph Dupree (Wilson). Bob Thompson (Douglas) is Kate’s father and Carl’s employer. Carl is promoted to Lead Designer in a new project and Bob gives him a new office and wants him to change his name to a hyphenated one : Peterson-Thompson.

What is quite unbeliveable is that Carl agrees to invite Dupree to sleep on his couch for a week almost immediately after the wedding. Molly is of course unhappy about this arrangement but later on in the movie she takes Dupree’s side against her husband.

I wasn’t that disappointed with the plot as I expected this movie to be light-hearted and full of comic moments. Some of them are hilarious while some are outrageous. It’s a comedy after all.

Well, all’s well that ends well. At the end of the movie, Bob admits he has a hard time letting go of his only child and accepts that Carl will not change his name to a hyphenated one, the couple make up, Dupree moves out and becomes a successful motivational speaker with his own book.

This is another movie where I see the name of Dupree’s body double credited with the rest of the cast: Howard Lefstein, whereas the other stunt performers are listed together in a team, like for those in the various departments such as special effects, visual effects and photography.

Of the twenty songs played throughout the movie, I recognised only two – Smooth Operator (by Sade) and Mandy (by Barry Manilow), but they are all appropriately used in the various scenes.


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