Wild Oats

This 2015 movie starring Shirley McClaine and Jessica Lange is a lot of fun to watch, though the plot is rather simple.

Eva (McClaine), a retired history teacher who never tires of ex-students telling her how much they love her, has just buried her husband Frank Fenton when she receives a benefit cheque from his insurance company. The amount is written as $5,000,000 though she is expecting $50,000. It occurs to her that there might have been some mistake, perhaps typographical, but her best friend Maddie (Lange), whose husband has just left her for his 25-year-old secretary, convinces her to deposit the cheque and go to Canary Islands for a holiday.

In the meantime, the insurance company realises their error and sends an agent on the cusp of retirement, Vespucci (Howard Hesseman), to go after them. He informs Eva’s daughter Crystal (Demi Moore), and they set off together.

At Canary Islands, Maddie falls for a younger man Chip (Jay Hayden) and Eva falls for a suave gentleman Chandler (Billy Connolly). Eva and Maddie soon discover that a team of conmen (including Matt Walsh as Forbes), led by the local wine lord Carlos (Santiago Segura) are out to get their hands on the money. Eva is able to escape any harm because Carlos eventually remembers her as his favourite teacher in his 10th Grade Social Studies class when he was an exchange student.

In addition to the antics and humorous scenes, I relish the beautiful and picturesque scenery of Canary Islands.


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