Absolute Power


I read this novel by David Baldacci more than twenty years ago, so I was excited to find this DVD. I was also eager to see what Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Ed Harris and Laura Linny would be like together in this 1996 movie.

Eastwood plays the lead – Luther Whitney, a career thief thinking of retirement; Hackman plays the US President, Alan Richman; Harris is the investigator Seth Frank and Linny is Kate, Luther’s daughter and an attorney.

Maybe because I had read the book and enjoyed it very much, I find I’m not so excited by the movie after all, despite the good screenplay, great acting, stunts, dance sequences and special effects. I was more impressed by Eastwood’s two compositions – Power Waltz and Kate’s Theme, which he also performed.

I also like how Eastwood brought out his moral dilemmas – as a burglar, he’s on the opposite side ot the law but he is also a moral person because he has his codes and principles. He witnesses a murder and is unwilling to let the murderer go unpunished. His relationship with his daughter, especially when she becomes a target, adds another dimension to his character.

It is interesting to see the different sides of the people involved in the story; it comes across more real than just imagining from the words on the page.


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