Ordinary World

I borrowed this 2016 movie hoping to broaden my knowledge of punk music. It’s also supposed to be a “candid and heart-warming comedy”. I was disappointed.

There are lots of music – at least 15 songs (3 of which are written and performed by the lead actor, Billie Joe Armstrong: Body Bag, Ordinary World and Fever Blister) and 2 classical pieces (Antonio Vivaldi’s Concerto for Strings in G Major and Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker). I know now for sure that I will never learn to like punk music. I find the classical pieces do not fit into this movie as they do not add anything to the atmosphere, mood or even the story, which I do not like.

The story: Perry Miller (Armstrong) is a former punk rocker working at the family’s hardware store. His wife Karen (Selma Blair) is a successful attorney. She and their daughter Salome (Madigyn Ghifman) have forgotten his 40th birthday, so his brother Jake (Chris Messine) gives him a day off and some money to celebrate with his friends. He books the Presidential Suite at the Drake Hotel (New York) at $2000 a night and calls his former bandmates over. His friends take the liberty to call a host of other people and the party becomes rowdy and gets outrageous. He almost misses Salome’s performance at the Talent show. . .


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