This 2015 movie is another one of those movies that will never be screened in a cinema here because of religious overtones, even though it is based on a book (‘Unlikely Angel’) written by Ashley Smith (with Stacy Mattingly) about a true story.

Ashley Smith is played by Kate Maria; and the other main character in the story is Brian Nicholas (played by David Oyelowo, who is also co-producer). I was really impressed with Oyelowo because he’s totally unrecognisable from the last time I watched him, in another movie just a few days ago (Queen of Katwa, reviewed here on 29 May).

The theme is hope. Brian, a college-educated man, has been imprisoned for murder and is on the run from the police. He is desperate to meet his newborn son, and takes Ashley hostage for seven hours after breaking into her home. Ashley is a widow with a young daughter, and a drug addict.

It is rather extraordinary that both Ashely and David find hope and light in the midst of despair. The stunts, helicopters, SWAT and special effects add to the drama. I did not recognise the music used here, and was quite surprised to find out in the end credits that one of them is Bob Dylan’s Pressing On.



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