Home Invasion

I don’t recall this 2015 movie being screened here, and I’ve heard of none of the actors before, so I was very curious to watch the DVD that I got from the library.

The opening scene shows two friends, Chloe Paige (Natasha Hensridge, also co-producer) and Alice ( Johannah Newmarch) having a drink (while Chloe’s stepson Jacob is asleep) at home when the door bell rings suddenly at 10.30pm. Who could it be at such an hour? Alice answers the door and is shot dead. A group of masked burglers rush into the house.

Then the scene cuts to 6 days earlier, showing a team of home security offices at a police training centre undergoing a lesson on the procedures of P.A. R. T. (password-authority-responsible person-taken care of).

Next, the camera shifts to show Chole shopping in a supermarket with Jacob (Liam Dickinson). Unknowing to them (because Jacob is complaining the whole time about how they are not living in the city with dad), someone follows them all the way until they get home. This man apparently then goes to a security system specialist and immoblises him and does something to the system at Chloe’s remote mansion.

Here, the story picks up from the opening scene, at the part where Chloe and Alice are enjoying their drink and Chloe telling Alice that her home security is on 24/7, and complaining to Alice that her husband has stopped taking her calls and answering her emails and has taken her off their joint account. Then the door bell rings….

Chloe calls the police as the masked burglers intrude into her home. Her call is transferred to an expert on the team, Mike (Jason Patric), who gives her instructions to hide herself and Jacob.

One of the intruders (I’m not sure if it’s Heflin Piers, played by Scott Adkins or Jason Astor, played by Michael Rogers) know Chloe by name and there’s one who is actually a woman, Victoria Knox (Kyra Zagorsky). Who are these people, and what do they want? There is a lot of running, chasing, hiding, hunting and struggle between the three masked intruders and Chloe (with Jacob, whom she has managed to rouse from sleep).

There is a lot of stunts involved, and this is supposed to be an exciting psychological thriller, but I felt a lot of it ring false; for example, at one point, Chloe and Jacob manage to run out of the house and get into their car but it wouldn’t start for a long time and they are ‘recaptured’ and taken inside to be tortured, yet somehow Jacob manages to escape and runs back to car and drives away easily (and Jacob is perhaps 10 years old!). What is totally incomprehensible to me is that they are supposed to be communicating with Mike using a WiFi that would work for only 20mins, but they are still communicating after more than an hour! It also seems strange that Mike would advise Chloe to find a gun and shoot at the intruders as the police are still not close enough after more than an hour.

Maybe the distributors had a similar view, and so this movie was not acquired for screening here?



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