Stories Unfold

This afternoon’s concert featured kids’ philharmonic@sg, the only orchestra in Singapore formed for children aged between five to 16.


The orchestra strives to provide a platform for young musicians to come together and make music with their peers.

I arrived at the venue 25 minutes before the concert, and was ushered to level 2 seats; I thought to myself, “Hmm, not bad, as it’s an orchestra.” I did not know I would be proved wrong.

The programme was a good one – with selections from films and musicals such as Schindler’s List, Cinema Paradiso and West Side Story, followed by Prokofiev’s symphonic fairy tale Peter and the Wolf.

The performers displayed a high standard, with their crisp rhythm, clear articulation and rich tones. I was especially impressed by the string players, particularly the violinists and cellists, at times smooth and soaring. The dramatic dialogue between the different sections and the romanticism and yearning expressed all bellied their youth. The sound they produced was rich and sonorous and the piano added to the magic.

I’ve heard Peter and the Wolf performed many times, and I must say the young narrator today did a fantastic job in telling the story. It’s a pity that there was so much noise from the children, especially the crying and sreaming. I must rememer not to attend Beautiful Sunday concerts during the school holidays! I must also make sure I start queueing up more than 30 minutes before the start so I can get a seat in the stalls.


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