The Confirmation

What caught my eye was the enlarged and capitalised word “ENTERTAINING”; the name Clive Owens in smaller font and the boy on the DVD cover told me to expect a pleasant viewing.

This 2013 movie was not shown on the big screen here for the same reason as a few others – its religious overtones. But this did not lessen my anticipation because some of these stories are really interesting.

Walt (Owen) is a finish carpentry specialist with an 8-year-old son Anthony (Jaeden Lieberher). The story begins with Walt going to pick Anthony for the weekend, as his ex-wife Bonnie (Maria Bello) and her new husband Kyle (Matthew Modine) are going away for the weekend.

On the way home, Walt and Anthony visit a friend, Otto (Robert Foster), because Walt wants to look for his precious (inherited from his father) missing tool kit. They return to Walt’s place to find an eviction notice. The movie, I felt, goes downhill from there, despite Owen’s fine acting in depicting Walt’s withdrawal symptoms (he is a recovering alcoholic) and the stunts and special effects used for the fights on a few occasions with others.

Lieberher is wonderful as Anthony, and he could have been given more screen time. Especially since his relationship with his father is more important that his father’s personal problems, though I get it that the movie is trying to show that their relationship is a little awkward as they don’t spend much time together. Eventually, though, Anthony realises that parents aren’t perfect and learns to like, relax and trust his father.


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