A Royal Night Out

This 2015 movie is a comedy inspired by true events. In London, on 8 May 1945, the VE Day ( ‘Victory-in-Europe’ Day, in celebration of the end of World War II in Europe), the two Princesses – Elizabeth (Sarah Gadon) and Margaret (Bel Powley) – leave the confines of Buckingham Palace (where “the life we live is not fully our own”) to join in the festivities.

This is not a biopic, but a comedic adventure story about an odd couple – Jack (Jack Reynor), an airman, and Elizabeth – thrown together by chance and the events on this crazy, unbelievable and extraordinary night.

The archival footages lend authenticity to the movie, such as the cheering crowds and the buses and searchlights in Trafalgar Square.  Events that take place at Chatsworth House from Buckingham Palace (an unbelievable place: the building of the arts, the piano and the enormous stately rooms) further show how the location sets the tone for the scene.

There are also many well-known tunes used including It’s A Long Way To Tipperary, God Save The King, American Patrol, Tuxedo Junction and In The Mood, with a fair bit of big band and swing and Lindy Hop music. These all add to the celebratory atmosphere of VE Day.


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