In this smart world that we live in –

Everywhere we go,

there is information technology;

Everything we do,

involves information technology.

Human behaviour has been changed

by a small device –

the most popular one of all –

among the smartest –

is the ubiquitous mobile phone.

Heads lowered, eyes glued to the screen –

as though all our dreams

are in this amazing invention;

Our emotions too,

seem to rise and fall with a quick swipe.

Like revered ancestral tablets,

they are held in awe;

Like esteemed religious disciples,

they appear humble

but possess a fountain of knowledge.

In the world of imagination,

where I can run wild,

I can be the controller of all

big and weird monsters

within the screen in an alien world.

My soul will fall into a place

that is bottomless,

yet wonderful – real yet treacherous –

my dreams and my hopes –

universal in a confined place.

Oblivious of others’ presence,

in a world of joy,

streaming with limitless news,

there’s no more boredom

nor silence or any loneliness.

Once awaken, in confusion,

I realise with shock

that my life has faded like the cracked earth

while the brilliant sun

calls out to a once-familiar world.



* Inspired by a Chinese poem shared at the Bishan Library Seniors’ Book Club on 8 June 2017.


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