Two Raging Grannies

I picked this DVD from the shelf because I thought it would be an exhilarating movie that explores some ageing issues. It was only later that I realised that it’s a documentary that features two raging grannies from Seattle, 90-year-old Shirley Morrison and 84-year-old Hinda Kipnis. It was also the Official Selection at the Seattle International film Festival, Woodstock Film Festival Hamptons International Film Festival and Traverse City Film Festival in 2014.

The two are old friends who love each other dearly but would bicker  about economic, social and political issues, from world finance to global warming. They also worry about what the future holds for their grandchildren. They are now “raging” because they want to know why we need to perpectually grow the economy, as they think that there is finite resources in the world and so the economy cannot grow for ever. There are more important issues relating to health and old age – medical concerns, friends, doing the things that they enjoy and death.

My impression is that the director/ producer must be a great fan of Woody Allen.



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