Apple Of My Eye

In this 2016 movie, Apple refers to the guide dog and the ‘eye’ alludes to Bailey’s (Avery Avendes) deteriorating eyesight.

Bailey is a talented young teenager who gradually loses her eyesight after an accident during a horse-riding practice session. Her devoted parents, Caroline (Amy Smart) and Jason (Liam McIntyre), do everything possible to help her adjust. However, Bailey is unable to connect to anyone or anything.

One day, Bailey meets Charlie (Burt Reynolds), a guide dog trainer who introduces her to Apple, an affectionate miniature horse, who becomes her new eyes – and new best friend.

Bailey is below 18, the minimum age to own a guide dog, so Apple is trained to be a companion for her and she can start to practise some of the behaviours to come to terms with her precadiment before she jumps into having a guide dog of her own.

This story is meant to be inspirational and uplifting: the reality of Bailey’s experience shows how she has to grow up quickly and deal with the fact that life happens. A lot of what she has to go through helps her learn not just to “survive” a visual impairment but how to thrive.

There is a sub-plot that shows the different experiences of other teenagers who lose their sight at different levels and how they deal with the problems with their parents, and their problems interacting with their peers,and how they can sometimes hurt others’ feelings when they don’t mean to.


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