Escape Plan

Neither a fan of Sylvester Stallone nor Arnold Schwarzenegger, I gave this 2013 movie a miss when it was on the big screen, but decided to borrow the DVD to watch these two actors team up onscreen for fun. I was also curious about the acting chops of the former governor of California, as I only know him for his famous “I’ll be back” line from The Terminator movies which I’ve never watched.

The movie opens with Ray Breslin (Stallone) escaping from the Bendwater Federal Penitentiary in Colorado. It turns out that Breslin deliberately got himself arrested in the first place and put in an Isolation Centre because he wants to fully test the security of the system. He was a lawyer, a Prosecutor, who thought putting people in prison was not enough; he wanted to make sure they stay there and didn’t get out. And this is the way he has chosen to live his life for the past 14 years. It sounds implausible to me, so my expectation of a good story plummets way down; but I was still curious about Schwarzenegger’s role.

This comes when Breslin is unexpectedly snatched and taken disoriented from New Orleans to the International Detainee Unit at an unknown location. Here, he meets Emil Rattmayer (Schwarzenegger), a fellow inmate. Breslin wants to  get into an isolation area, so Rattmayer picks a fight with him as a favour. Though this is a really violent and bloody fight scene, it rings false to me as I’m sure it’s all the choreographed work of stuntmen, with visual and special effects thrown in.

Both end up in “The Tank”, which is an ultra-secret, high-tech facility. But this is exactly what Breslin wants: to have this place tested. This place they’re now in turns out to be in the middle of an ocean, somewhere along the Moroccon Coast. Still, both manage to escape.

This supposed action-thriller-mystery did not provide any intrigue; more than three-quarters of the time, the environment is the same, thus giving a sense of claustrophobia depite its futuristic look. Neither did I get any sense of authenticity in the two leading characters.


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