30 Beats

I was surprised this 2012 DVD, with such a “scintillating” cover, was available in the library so I decided to borrow it to find out more. In the end, it took me less than 45 mins to go through this 88min movie. This is why –

The plot is about an ensemble of 10 New Yorkers whose lives interconnect through a series of encounters over three days during a summer heat wave. The first couple involved is virginal Julie (Condola Kashan) and anthropologist Adam (Justin Kirk). Adam is Julie’s sister’s boyfriend who has had many meaningless affairs. He goes to a psychic Erika (Jennifer Tilly) to analyse his problem. They have a fling. The next day, she meets a bike messenger Diego (Jason Day) who inexplicable stalks the girl with a scar Laura (Paz de la Huerta), whose chiropractor Matt (Lee Pace) subjects her to a series of spinal adjustments that crash her bones. Diego then goes for Kim (Vahina Giocante), a switchboard operator in a hotel, who makes a blind date with a guest Julian (Thomas Sadoski), a speechwriter, but sends a friend. He then turns to Alice (Ingegerga Dapkunaite), a call girl. She hits on an innocent boy named Sean (Ben Levin) in a steam room. He shares his experience with his best friend, who turns out to be Julia from the first scene. They decided to have a fling for the experience.

I do not think much of this movie. The dialogues are the worst; for eg, a character says “What you think you feel for me is not really what you feel. What you feel are projected indirected feelings that you shouldn’t feel like feeling. Not real feelings. The feelings from your past that you are transferencing to me, on me, into me –  but not into the real me, into some idea that you have of me. It’s all about the fludity of sexual energy and self-control.”

The pace of the movie is so slow that I had to fast forward many times! The only nice thing is the song Sea of Love (by Philip Baptiste and George Khoury) towards the end of the movie. The other dozen or so songs didn’t leave much of an impression on me.

I also wondered why the director (also one of the producers) chose to dedicate this movie to his father.


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