Secret In Their Eyes

I was quite surprised by myself: I missed a movie by Julia Roberts in 2015?! I simply had to borrow this and watch it the moment I got home. I enjoyed the movie but I wish it did not end the way it did.

The movie is set in 2015: Claire Sloane (Nicole Kidman), who has just been promoted to be a supervisor in the District Attorney’s office in Los Angeles (LADA), once worked in a tight-knit team with Ray Kasten (Chiwetel Ejofor) and Jess Cobb (Julia Roberts). Ray has since gone into private security practice and, feeling uneasy, now wants to reopen a case that happened 13 years ago.

Then, a woman’s body was brutally and inexplicably murdered,  bleached (so that there would not be DNA evidence) and found in a dumpster next to a mosque. This woman was Carolyn (Zoe Graham), Jess’s teenage daughter. The moment of devastation when Jess discovered this must be one of those that showcased Julia Robert’s acting chops at its best.

Because the victim was her daughter, Jess (now a top investigator) couldn’t be involved in the investigations. Claire’s help is needed; Ray uncovers a new lead that seems to point to a man called Anzor Marzin (Joe Cole), a snitch to another LADA officer for information against potential terrorists. Jess insists the matter is closed, as she has come to prefer living quietly in her isolated farmhouse. She also claims that she killed Marzin a couple of months after Carolyn was murdered.

One day, Ray follows Jess home, and discovers a secret she has kept for 13 years…

Besides a compelling story (after all, the original Argentinian version won the Best Foreign Language Film in the Academy Awards), Julia Robert’s acting is the best thing in this movie – her portrayal of grief, pain, outrage, regret, frustration, sorrow and feeling of injustice – is so affecting and convincing.



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