1,500-piece Jigsaw Puzzle

A friend passed me this 1,500-piece jigsaw puzzle when we met recently for lunch. I was excited and wondered how long it would take me to complete.

The same friend had lent me a 1,000-piece puzzle in 2019 but which I gave up after a week.

My friend had thought I could do this puzzle!

Day 1

It took me 3 hours just to measure the size of the puzzle on a white paper over an old 2,000-piece puzzle, and do the border:

Day 2

The beginning is always the hardest:

This is the most colourful (and correspondingly easiest) part of the puzzle.

This took me 6 hours.

Day 3

It took me almost 2 hours to reach this stage on a dark, rainy day.

Day 4

Another 6 hours to reach this stage.

Day 5

The hills and sky are less colourful and hence more challenging. Took me another 6 hours.

Day 6

With the help of my colour-deficient son, it took only 2 hours to complete what I feel is the most challenging section.

Voila! Completed!

I have since dismantled the jigsaw, to be returned to my friend when we next meet. I hope she has more puzzles to lend me. (She mentioned she has done another “two or three” with her husband.)