Another 1,500-piece Jigsaw Puzzle

My friend B lent me another 1,500-piece Jigsaw Puzzle which she said is easier than the one she lent me last month:

She said her neighbours (2 young adult sisters) did it in 2 days, spending only 2 hours per day.

Day 1

All beginnings are hard, and it took me 6.5 hours to get to this:

Day 2

The following day, I could see the picture emerging after 5 hours:

Day 3

Another 4.5 hours brought me to this:

Day 4

It was really exciting to see this after 5 hours:

Day 5

Again, with the help of my colour-deficient son (on the most difficult sections like the sky), the puzzle was completed in an hour:

I had so much fun that I’ve decided to dismantle it and do it again! I’m curious if it’s possible to complete the puzzle in less than 22 hours, with or without my son’s help.


The second attempt was completed on 6 Feb 2020 in 16 hours over 4 days.

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