A Special Paris Sunset

My best friend was shopping for her art materials alone when she chanced upon a shop that sells all sorts of puzzles. Knowing that I love doing jigsaws, she bought me a 1,200-piece Paris Sunset as a surprise.

The puzzle is indeed unlike all the different kinds I’ve done before, even the plastic 3D ones. Because the plastic pieces are interlocking, I got a lot of satisfaction each time I heard a “click” when two pieces fit together. And I’ve never come across a box that contains the pieces in four bags, one for each quadrant. I decided to work on the simplest quadrant according to the picture:

This took me just over three hours to complete.

On the second day, I started on the third quadrant:

This took less than three hours.

After lunch, I tackled the first quadrant, which was not as difficult as I had thought:

This took slightly over two hours to complete.

I left the most difficult quadrant to the last, and had to take a break in between because I was somewhat confused by the pieces:

I only managed this much after more than three hours.

Since there was “only a bit left”, I decided to continue after dinner and managed to complete the puzzle in less than an hour:


The next step is to frame it up:

Frame is recycled from another set of pictures.

It is now hung opposite my bed, so that I can look at it every day:

The previous set (featuring a piano and a violin) has been relegated to the left (piano not seen here).

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