Poetry Collection by Judith Viorst

I recently borrowed four volumes of poems by Judith Viorst:

# How did I get to Be 40 & Other Atrocities (1973)

# Forever Fifty & Other Negotiations (1989)

# I’m Too Young to Be Seventy & Other Delusions¬†(2005)¬† and

# Unexpectedly Eighty & Other Adaptations (2010)

In her wise, touching and playful poems, Viorst discusses marriage, friendship and grandparenthood. These funny and compassionate poems shed light on the fine art of aging.

Zesty, hopeful and full of the pleasures of living, Viorst’s poems speak to the readers who recognise themselves in her observations, in her inspirational and touching reflections and in her joyful affirmations. Funny, moving and true, these poems extol the virtues, victories, frustrations and joys of life.

These volumes are a joy to read and demonstrate her uncanny ability to transform our daily realities into poems that make us laugh with recognition. Some memorable lines are:

  • Face lift, or no face lift — that is the question;
  • Is stoicism nicer than complaint?
  • Can reminiscence substitute for passion?
  • Is dyeing an improvement over graying?
  • Is marriage an impossible vocation?
  • Is the inevitable worth delaying?
  • When is silence even better that confession?
  • When is quitting wiser than endurance?