Streisand Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway



Ever since the music shops started closing down, I have also been buying fewer CDs. Now that there’s hardly any physical shop for me to go to, I have to ask my son to purchase the CDs that I want online. I end up buying fewer and fewer CDs, mostly because I can’t listen to them before making a purchase. What I do is borrow from the library@esplanade, listen to it and decide whether I want to but it. I borrowed Streisand Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway yesterday, came home and listened to it twice and decided I would not buy this one, though I had enjoyed it. I just decided I wouldn’t want to listen to it too often, and my CD racks are already bursting at the seams.

This album consists of ten duets (with Anne Hathaway, Daisy Ridley and Bradley Cooper in At The Ballet, Patrick Wilson in Loving You, Anthony Newley in Who Can I Turn To, Alec Baldwin in The Best Thing that Ever has Happened, Hugh Jackman in Any Moment Now, Melissa McCarthy in Anything You Can Do, Seth MacFarlane in Pure Imagination, Antonio Banderas in Take Me to the World, Chris Pine in I’ll Be Seeing You/I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face and Jamie Foxx in Climb Ev’ry Mountain).

I felt it was not really about the songs (of which Climb Ev’ry Mountain is the best, and Chris Pine’s rich baritone is a delightful surprise), but about how Streisand could put her stamp on a project in which she has the final say, from the conception to the direction to the production and the arrangement (including the adaptation and writing of the dialogues).

Streisand is a powerhouse with an incredible voice, but this seems to an indulgent endeavour. I much prefer her last duets album Partners (2014) which features fellow singers