Weird Composer Facts

I’ve been reading Rhapssody, a newsletter of the SSO Community Outreach Department for a long time, and the most recent issue contains some weird composer facts that I feel I must reproduce here:

  • Arnold Schoenberg suffered from Triskaidekaphobia – a fear of the number 13. Interestingly, he was born on 13  September 1874, and also died on 13 July 1951.
  • Ludwig Van Beethoven was said to be extremely picky about his coffee, and had to count out 60 coffee beans each time he had a cup.
  • Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Camille Saint Saens were good friends with a similar talent – they both were able to pull off splendid imitations of ballerinas!
  • Before any of his concerts as a pianist or conductor, Edvard Grieg would touch his lucky frog figurine he kept in his pocket for good luck.
  • Erik Satie was known to eat food that was only white, such as eggs, sugar, salt, coconuts, rice, turnips, white cheese and certain kinds of fish.

I hope to read about more such weird facts in future issues!