Standing in the rain last night

Brought me back to the past

When my face was wet with tears.

Why do I still weep for no reason?

Why do I hide behind moonlight?

Why do I hanker for gentleness?

Memories serve no purpose:

I should just smile, forget

And pretend not to be hurt.


Move Forward


You said you haven’t slept well

Because you’re deeply troubled;

You said you aren’t brave enough

To let go and move forward.

Don’t keep your feelings suppressed,

Don’t hold any of them back;

It’s no use being stubborn

When tearing down obstacles.

Think of the days as rivers,

Think of beautiful sunsets;

You would think of gentleness,

The romance and the passions.

Love is like a religion –

It lights up the sea and sky;

It’s there through eternity

And it won’t set with the sun.

A Block Of Ice


Gentle breeze and light drizzle

And dew-like green grass

Seem to say that

Life is beautiful.

Waterfalls and wild rivers

Keep us apart;

Seemingly say:

We’re on oppposite ends.

Whether mild or torrential,

They all seem to have

A comapanion

Or a close ally.

Hair gone white and face crinkled,

When will my heart break,

Or will it freeze

Like a block of ice?

Unrequited Love


I thought I would cry

But I didn’t;

I’ll just wish you the best

If you walk away.

Isn’t it just grand

To realise that love

That is unrequited

Is sad and painful?

You are in my soul

Each day and night;

A heart starts to wither

When love’s a mistake.

Life’s journey is long,

Hope is alive;

There’ll be no suffering

For love anymore.

If Only


If only I could drop

My memories of you

Into the sea;

If only there’s no tears

After a sleepless night

Thinking of you;

If only there’s no hurt,

Or regrets from the past,

Like a shadow.

If only you can take

My loneliness away

Like your sidekick.