A beauty in the crowd,

Floating like a cloud;

With a magic charm

Like a fragrance worn.

Never fearful not scared,

In the face of hurt;

Unafraid of pain,

With not a complaint.

Persistant and so brave

To not be enslaved;

Hope is perennial

And perceptible.

Life can sometimes annoy

But there’s also joy;

Drown not in the blues

Or there’s much to lose.


Love Is Around


Dawn has broken,

The sky is still grey;

I feel misbegotten

And in disarray.

A new member

In the world of grief,

I feel lost and wonder

What is underneath.

There is a voice

That says love’s around;

That it’ll metamorphose

Until you’re spellbound.

It’s inexplicable,

But it’s not a dream;

Hurts are inevitable,

But soon there’ll be a gleam.



The breeze is blowing gently,

White clouds floating by;

I see flashes of my mem’ry

And I try hard not to cry.

Leaves are falling to the ground,

Soon they’ll all turn brown;

When I thought there was love abound,

You left me for your hometown.

Will our squabble blow over

Like calm after storm?

How can I keep my composure

When I think you’re misinformed?



The waves have been singing

Non-stop the whole night;

They keep me company at night

While I’m lingering and waiting.

I want to cross the sea

Closer to the light,

Hoping for some simple delight

In a place where love can be free.

Stars and moon we’re chasing

Make us so weary;

The angry sea will be crashing

And the light will become foggy.

Better Days Ahead

I think of you when night falls

And remember your heart has flown,

Then silently my tears will flow.

Like pigeons that flew up high

And disappeared from the blue sky,

My endless days seem to drift by.

The hurt in my heart is bad –

I’ve loved you and have no regrets:

Life is both beautiful and sad.

There’s a gentls breeze flowing,

Though our love is no more flowing,

I’m sure better days are looming.


The smiles are the same,

The tears are the same,

The days are the same.

You and I are the same.

It’s the same moonlight

Shining on us both;

It’s the same cold wind

Blowing on you and me.

Childhood friends left me,

Strangers surround me;

We drifted apart –

I’m left weeping softly.

Who can let me know:

Did we change the world

Or did the world change

You, Me and everything?



How many years have passed

Since you left me crushed?

I face the loneliness,

Hoping you’ll return.

Flowers have fallen,

But soon new ones will bloom.

I’ve waited so long

To hear from you again.

I’ve tried convincing myself

To forget our past.

But I’m deceiving myself –

It’s impossible.