If I had a lot of money,

The first thing I would buy

Is the Steinway Spirio

To replace my Steinway baby grand.

If I had a lot of money,

I don’t have to worry

About inflation and

The escalating cost of living.

But I am content as it is,

And not have to worry

About housing, my meals

And basic necessities of life.

Some things I have, money can’t buy –

Like health and friendship,

Love and relationship,

And much more, for which I’m so grateful.


My Pride and Joy



I should be excited, shouldn’t I?

I should be happy, shouldn’t I?

I am both, but not as much

As being grateful.

A pre-loved desk top computer

Inherited from my son

Which he took time to set up

Even before his.

More than a gift of computer

Are the aid, support and faith

For an anteluvian

With I.T. phobia.

The cornerstone of my essence,

The strength in my existence,

The pride and joy of my life –

My loving son.



Shakespeare’s famous monologue

From As You Like It, Act III Scene VII,

About ‘All the World’s a Stage’

Compares the world to a stage

And life to a play,

And catalogues the seven stages of a man’s life:

Infant, schoolboy, lover, soldier, justice,

Pentalone, and old age, facing imminent death.

A short description in WhatsApp –

Of sudden little squeezing sensations

Racing up the entire spine,

Gaining speed as they’re climbing

On to the throat and

Radiating quickly into both sides of the jaws –

Signals of inexplicable things

Happening in a heart attack that is fatal.

If death is instantaneous,

And suffering is not perpetuated,

Wouldn’t it be preferable

To burdening our loved ones?

Rumour has it that

Only 7% of heart attack patients

Will get to meet their Creator this way,

Jogging up a reminder of “Lucky Seven”.


Along the corridor

On my way to physio

I saw two prisoners

One behind the other.

Both men were in wheelchairs

In purple prison garb

In handcuffs and shackles

Flanked by two policemen.

‘Twas the first time I saw

Such prison uniform:

Stamped with words and letter

On both legs and the shirt.

It got me wondering:

What is “Prisoner A”?

How serious were their crimes?

Why were they still grinning?


At first was disbelief,

Then came fear and anger;

I became sad and depressed,

But now I’ve come to accept my fate.

I have not given up;

I’m able to make peace

With the notion of dying –

Death’s the only sure thing in life.

I hopw those close to me

Know I’ve done all I could

To make the most of the time

I’ve left in the remaining days.

Distressing though it is –

With many questions like:

Why me? Do I deserve this? –

I know it’s inevitable.


I’m so sad –

The end is in sight;

It’s hard to accept

That I’ll part with my beloved.

I can’t sleep,

I can’t concentrate,

I lack energy,

I weep and cry till exhausted.

I’ve been helped

By psychologists,

A support group

And even a physiologist.

Still, I’m stressed –

Should I just give up?

It’s unbearable

When there’s no quality to life.


I’ve been learning

To live with loss

Of control over my health,

Daily living,

And even life itself.

If only I had

Insisted then,

That I wanted more tests and scans,

Then I would now

Be in the pink of health.

It was painful

And I grieved much;

I’ll make adjustments to

My lifestyle, so

I would have more years left.

I’ve accepted,

I’ve reassessed;

I’ve hoped and I’ve planned my life;

Now I only ask

For just a decade more.