The feel of paper between the fingers,

The sight of words on a page

Give a pleasurable sensation

Of literally falling into another world.

Opening a bottle of vintage wine

Or uncorking the champagne

That had been vigoroulsy shaken,

Are analogous of feelings and emotions roused.

In the private expanse of gray matter

Is a blank piece of paper

On which seemingly simple opus

And complicated symphonies of life are inscribed.




In the early hours,

Mist veils the golden rays,

Quiet and serene.

Through sheer lace curtains,

Sprays of purple orchids

Bloom gloriously.

To a tranquil mind,

These bring delight and calm –

Fruits of sheer patience.



It’s better to be laconic

Than to be sarcastic;

It’s better to be empathetic

Than to be a critic.

Isn’t it a bit ironic,

That anyone prolix

Is more often than not sardonic

That borders on pique?

Listening shouldn’t be sporadic

Or it’s emblamatic,

And may lead to unwanted conflict

That makes one traumatic.

Similar to hydoponics,

Encouraging ethics

Require appropriate dynamics

Abstract as aesthetics.



It was a supposition

That friendly company

In a relaxed location

Is for social interaction.

Then came the lofty motion:

Cerebral discussion

On setting goals for the year

An absolute assignation.

Stress and pressure soon increased

With simple goals rebuffed;

Whispers to back out ignored,

Apprehension and dread ensued.

Then came a coincidence

Or call it Providence

Or even His Plan or fate

That put an end to this instance.



There’s always been a stigma

Around mental illness;

People talk about it,

Not many understand.

Those who’ve been crippled

Know how real it is:

From Olympic champions

To ordinary folks.

From severe anxiety,

Drug and alcohol abuse,

To planning with detail

Ways and places to die.

Those who’ve overcome,

Must persist in it;

Or before long, it

Will raise its head again.


* Inspired by an article in The Straits Times, 22 Jan 2018



Age is no deterrent

To exercise and workouts;

Genes work in ways different

For the young and the ageing.

Intensity is relative:

Like gasping during exercise.

Five minutes of climbing stairs

Is intense and relative

For one who’s barely exercised;

A regular stroller could then

Increase the pace and duration.

When speech becomes laboured,

The muscle cells are working.

There’s no need for great speed

But persistence we will need.



* Inspired by an article in The Sunday Times, 21 Jan 2018