A quiet corner,

Away from all eyes –

I’m so lonesome.

Wandering aimlessly,

Facing countless strangers –

No reaason to berth.

Mistakes of the past

And misfortunes cast

A cold hard waft.

Not at all indifferent,

Never solitary;

But I’m still trailing.



Have they withered?

Where are they now?

Have they been blown away?

To travel the world?

Over time it’s hard to tell

Whether there were once flowers

In the abandoned garden

Like stories with no ending.

Only to reminise –

The times we had together:

In sunshine and full of warmth,

Or moonshine and thunderstorm.

I’ll remember,

Simply but true –

Time cannot erase

The pain in my heart.



Like in a dream

I see my childhood.

An unexpected dream,

Like a distant call.

In my dream,

I fly high and far;

I could pluck any star

And sit on the moon.

But reality

Is dull and gloomy;

I yearn to be ever

Floating among the clouds.

I’ll just hanker

The laughter and joy

Of carefree existence

Found only in dreams.


The gentle breeze,

The falling rain,

The soft whispers –

Were so romantic.

A wondrous world,

A charming you –

So beautiful –

Murmuring love words.

Were you the rain,

And I the breeze?

Untold secrets

We each had revealed.

But fate is cruel –

The rain has stopped,

The ground’s still wet,

And so are my cheeks.



Within my arms and

In your eyes;

The wind caressed and

The grass smouldered.

The sea was aglow

With moonlight;

Our love was aflamed

And brouoght delight.

Like passing clouds

Years later,

The changing footsteps

Kept us apart.

How many couples

And their lives

Have been caught in troubles

And shadows at dusk?

Li He Poems Translated

I came across a Chinese poet of the mid-Tang dynasty called Li He (790-816 AD), and decided to try to translate four of his shorter poems:


(1) To My Brother

Three years ago I left you, brother,

I’ll be home for a day and another.

Drinking vintage wine tonight,

With my companions that delight.

Surviving the loss of ill-health,

In a world that is bizzare and weird!

Needless to ask simpletons,

If life is an entanglement.


(2) Fluttering Butterflies

Catkins round the curtains

on a summer day,

Lonely graceful lady

leans on carved jade screens.

From a neighbour’s garden

flutter butterflies.

Signalling the return

of her beloved.


(3) Plant No Trees

Plant no tree in the spot or ground,

For trees bring grief all year round.

Alone in bed by the moonlight,

This autumn echoes a plight.


(4) Departure

Packed and ready,

A wanderer leaves.

White clouds and sunshine,

And it’s goodbye.


Like torn, fallen leaves,

The men and women on the path,

Go in the same direction

As the whirlwind blows.

As though nonchalant,

I’m leaving and not looking back;

I think you’ll be truly shocked

By my strategy.

Sunlight all over

Separates the noise from the cold;

The endless crowd streaming past

Hears not the heartache.

What is important

Is that our hearts keep on beating

And that we’re strong and determined

And purposeful.