Falling Apart

I feel helpless and powerless

Watching your marriage fall apart;

You are starting to avoid him,

As he is avoiding you.

“You’re ungentle, irritable

and unreasonable,” he says;

You retort he’s worse than that.

He says you are roasting yourself,

In a self-imposed tragedy;

You belie his laidback lifestyle

And lackadaisical attitude.

Will you both find a middle ground,

Or will matters just execrate

Until there is total chaos,

Or when everything breaks down?

Cheer Up

You’re always too soft-hearted,

Shouldering all burdens and

Keeping the problems to yourself.

Life is not always easy,

but living in misery

Is not something acceptable.

It’s not the years, months or days,

Nor the minutes and seconds;

It’s that they take you for granted.

If they can’t appreciate

all the things that you have done,

Let go and don’t live life in vain.

You must think of your future,

More sacrifice is in vain;

It is futile to weep alone.

You’ve done everything you can,

so look back with no regrets;

I’ll always be here to cheer you.



For a long time now,

I’ve not heard you

Tell me your fav’rite fable.

I’ve thought long and hard,

And I’m anxious:

Have I done anything wrong?

Then, in tears, you said:

“Fables tell lies,

For I can’t be your Princess”.

Maybe you don’t know,

That from hence on,

You’ve brightened up my life.

I will spread my wings

To protect you

And be your guardian angel.

Till the end of time,

We’ll be as one,

Surpassing any fable.




My heart wants to sing for you –

The lyrics are so sweet;

But I lack the courage

To tell you my feelings.

In whatever words or form,

Love is the only thing

That can keep us going

And stay strong together.

Our days are so beautiful,

Our nights so romantic;

Happiness is ahead

For us to grasp and keep.



Everyone should have dreams;

We shouldn’t be afraid of dreaming.

We decide where we want to go;

We shouldn’t think of escaping.

We’ll spread our wings and fly –

as high and far as possible –

to wherever the the wind takes us;

We’re not afraid when there’s rain.

There’ll be sunshine one day –

hope for our imagination,

different colours for various dreams,

happiness, joy and passion.



Your explanation is like

a Korean drama –

once romantic and touching.

It’s as though love is thick like

any hard liqour –

and its aftermath is sad.

My eyes say you’re not worthy

and pride says I won’t

see who’s there behind the tears.

The shadows tell me it’s real –

though there are regrets,

it’s time to be very frank.

I close my eyes and am hurt

by hypocricy,

like a rose that’s discarded.



Love slips away from one who’s afraid

of suffering and struggling in pain;

People say goodbye to singlehood

but regret when love doesn’t persist.

Many marriages last for decades

But many are not at all blissful;

True love can be both sweet and bitter,

otherwise it’ll not be interesting.

Let us raise our heads and lift our veils

And accept love that descends on us.

Like the sunshine and thunderstorms,

What’s natural is most beautiful;

Love is such an unique experience

that it’s worth treasuring for ever.